Working Capital

Do you have questions about working capital? Do you need capital to cover expansion, equipment, payroll or inventory? Positive working capital is required to ensure that a firm is able to continue its operations and that it has sufficient funds to satisfy both maturing short-term debt and upcoming operational expenses. The management of working capital in your business involves managing inventories, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and cash. We have access to a diverse product line and we can facilitate request from 10k – 10MM . We have the right solutions to remove the obstacles associated with accessibility to working capital. We have experience in a wide variety of industries. Learn more about the working capital solutions that we can provide.

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Payroll & Benefits

Payroll is a necessity for any business with employees, but it can also feel like a necessary evil. The good news we offer an easy solution to alleviate your payroll and benefits headache! Carr Consulting offers a simple online payroll solution that can integrate with your retirement and benefits plans. We offer the added benefits of automatic payroll tax filings and electronic payroll deductions with an award-winning customer service team. Learn more about how we can turn your payroll into a tax saving employee retention vehicle.

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Business Systems & Strategy

Your business systems takes care of your future. They ensure you exceed your customers’ expectations and improve your brand recognition in the marketplace, which are key to growing a healthy business. Of course, you could list many other systems and subsystems unique to your organization. Having effective business systems is the only practical way to manage the important details of your operation. These details are found in lower-level subsystems. For example, your marketing system may have a subsystem called lead generation. We help our clients audit ands improve the various systems in their business.

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Online Tools

Part of being a business owner is managing your online realestate and tools. We are a domain provider and web host, We also offer email accounts & an easy-to-use website builder. It prioritizes speed and ease of use over customization and creative design. With built-in, guided marketing tools, Our Website Builder makes both creation and optimization simple for beginners.

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